Developing websites and web applications is as simple as effective project management. We’ve been through it all. We’re very good at determining the technical requirements of development projects, the planning process and understanding the scope and expectations that are involved with¬†development projects.

Web Development Pricing Guide

Starter PackageThe basics just to start being found online!
3-4 Weeks
Up to 1 Revision
Up to 3 Pages
1 Month Support Included
Small BusinessLook sharp with some added touches!
4-6 Weeks
Up to 2 Revisions
Up to 5 Pages
1 Month Support Included
Established BusinessCustomized design, basic SEO and with some nice features!
6-8 Weeks
Up to 3 Revisions
Up to 10 Pages
1 Month Support Included
Includes Backlink
Premium BusinessAll the bells and whistles. Let us bring your ideas to life!
8-12 Weeks
Up to 4 Revisions
Up to 20 Pages
1 Month Support Included
Includes Backlink

Please Note: Hosting & Domain Must Be Purchased Separately
(but we’re happy to help you do that!)

After our initial meeting, these are the following phases we will focus on:

  1. Planning & Scope Organization
  2. Framework & Coding
  3. Design & User Experience
  4. Testing & Debugging
  5. Launch & Implementation

We love bringing new projects to life. Each of the above steps ensures that expectations are met, the project is completed by deadline, and the new website application is launched effectively.

Additionally, connectivity is important. The web has become more connected with each application and software solution that hits the market. Shopify has changed Ecommerce. Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) has changed product shipping and logistics. Wordfence has changed WordPress Security. Stand-alone applications are rare. Most websites need some level of connectivity to other softwares. Whether that’s a hospital database integration, an application referencing an external API or simply a newsletter feature that connects to MailChimp, our software developers uderstand the importance of connectivity¬†in developing your website application.



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