Our solutions are tailored to your needs. It’s simple – we’re people who understand technology and know how to solve problems. Everything else is a tool to reach resolution. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Here are the technology services we offer:

Ecommerce Web Development

We build ecommerce websites and applications using the Shopify platform. Shopify is a robust and easy to use shopping cart system.

Website & Database Development

We program websites and website databases. While we generally focus on using PHP libraries and frameworks, we can also assist with other projects such as ASP, Python, Ruby on Rails and Java. We also work with various PHP content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others.

App Development (Mobile Apps & Marketplace Apps)

Our team builds applications and can be your development team. We have the tools, resources and talent necessary to bring your application to life. Whether you need to connect to the Amazon Marketplace API or you want a Shopify App designed, our team will handle the project for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since the web is competitive, SEO is important for the success of any online business. Getting ranked high in Google takes careful planning, attention to your website architecture and the knowledge of how Googles search algorithms work. We will design a campaign to manage your links and page content.

Content Marketing

Having good website content takes more than simply putting a few text articles online. It is a careful process and is important to ensure that your business is represented, voiced and marketed well. We can handle this for you.

Here are the general areas we can provide services for:

  • Development & Programming
    • App development
    • Website development
    • Database programming
    • Front End and Back End solutions
    • Mobile development
  • Management & Maintenance
    • App & Website maintenance
    • Code-base maintenance
    • Repository management
    • Documentation solutions

Other capabilities:

  • Website security
  • Malicious code removal
  • Version control with Git
  • Identifying and managing technical talent
  • DevOps (Development Operations)

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