Software Development Process

Developing applications, custom websites and databases is a careful process. The planning and communication involved are imperative to the success of the project. Here is our general development process:

  1. Initial Communication – We discuss your project in general terms to determine if our team is suited to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the project.
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – If necessary, both parties will sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the business arrangements are agreed upon. See a Sample NDA here >>
  3. We Create A Plan – Our team communicates internally to determine the technical requirements necessary to develop the app or website from start to finish. We build out the phases for each portion of the development process.
  4. The Proposal & Contract – We submit a project proposal to your team which outlines the project, the cost estimate and a breakdown of the phases of the project.  See a Sample Contract here >>
  5. Wire Framing – Organize the user workflow of the application to ensure that the basic functionality is understood and organized properly.
  6. Proof of Concept – Define the bare-bones functionality and identify the key technologies that will allow such functionality to exist and work properly.
  7. Minimal Viable Product – Develop a very minimal working sample of the project on a development server. Implement some or all of the underlying technologies researched in the “Proof of Concept” phase.
  8. Interface Design – Everyone likes an easy to use interface. We’ll make it look great.
  9. Testing & Debugging – Before the final product is launched, it needs to go through rigorous testing. This will ensure that the product is ready from a user standpoint, can be sufficiently maintained and will be ready for a growing user volume.
  10. Launch Version 1 – Finally, we launch the product to the production server which will make it available for your users.

Check out our Business Center page to find our documents >>

For development projects, we add 1 month of technical support into the pricing of the project. This is important, because it ensures that your project is supported in the near future. All of our past clients have benefited from this added support.

Software Management Process

Ongoing maintenance of applications and websites is important to the long-term success of any business. Code needs to be updated, documentation should be well kept and security measures need to be considered. Here is the process:

  1. Initial Communication – we have a brief conversation determine if our team is suited to manage and maintain the code-base for your application or website.
  2. Information Gathering – We have our initial meeting to determine the requirements and logistics necessary to properly maintain the software.
  3. Plan Design – Our team communicates internally to determine the technical requirements necessary to ensure that we maintain good standards and keep the software updated and secure as needed.
  4. The Proposal – We submit a maintenance plan to you which outlines the maintenance measures, the monthly cost estimate and a write-up of what you can expect our team to achieve weekly, monthly and annually to ensure that your application or website is properly maintained.
  5. We Execute The Plan – We implement your maintenance plan into our routine review process, take charge of your application support and get access to the code-base. We send you weekly status reports and communicate with you regularly.

If we built your application, we already know the requirements and maintenance needs of your application. If not, we will need a full rundown of the project and to review any documentation and direct access to the code or repository of the project.

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