Our team has written and reviewed tens of thousands of lines of code. We love getting our hands dirty in code. Whether we’re building out a new public marketplace application or evaluating an existing code base, we’ve completed projects of all sizes to the specifications of our customers.

Here are some current projects we’re maintaining:

StepCheck.com – Commerce Real Estate Software

Custom development project built completely from scratch with a unique code-base and a proprietary MySQL database. This is a Software As A Service (SAAS) solution developed to provide the commercial real estate industry with an alternative to many expensive solutions out there.

Imperfect Plan – Travel Blog For Central America and El Salvador

Built with WordPress as the underlying CMS with a customized theme. This system requires maintenance to ensure the software is able to support the growth of the blog, growing database and requires upgrades with the new releases of the software. ImperfectPlan.com is a Central America Blog and El Salvador Blog.

Casas Ahorita – A Real Estate Website and Web Application For Latin America

Custom developed by hand and using no CMS or pre-build code, CasasAhorita.com took about 4 months of non-stop development to build. It was an overwhelming undertaking but the project came out as desired by our team. CasasAhorita.com is a Centroamérica Bienes Raíces website and a website for searching propiedades en El Salvador.

OfficeAdminHelp.com – Virtual Assistant Business Services

EcoDriveMarketing.com – Online Marketing Services For Eco Friendly Businesses

Under Development:

KNLPropertyManagement.com – Property Services In The Boston Area.

LandlordTutor.com – Learning & Training Materials For Property Owners

GreenServiceFinder.com – Free Service Directory  of Eco Friendly Businesses




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