About AWV

We’re coding ninjas. Our small team moves fast, communicates often and stays on top of our client projects. We love the projects we work on.


Advanced Web Ventures is a digital technology company that focuses on maintaining it’s ongoing drive to evolve and grow with the technology business. We develop software, manage projects, maintain applications and design custom website solutions. We’re geeks. We love fiddling with code, making software more robust and occasionally breaking things to see how they work.

A Little More About Us

  • Our team typically works remotely and do business meetings over Skype.
  • We are agile, but we only follow standardized agile methodologies when necessary.
  • Our staff loves new projects and always proceed with caution before jumping in.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking? Sign us up!
  • We enjoy traveling, so sometimes we end up in weird places.
Christian Polleys

Christian Polleys

Lead Developer & Owner

Christian is an application programmer and developer from Boston, Massachusetts. After working for a number of tech startups in Boston, New York and Florida, he opted for building his own software business. Christian travels often and works with a diverse set of programming languages, frameworks and libraries. When you hire our team, your project will be built by this guy and his other team members.

Betsy Brocker

Betsy Brocker

Project Manager

Betsy likes martial arts. She has many years of management and project management in the tech business. She has also worked for Geek Squad and other industry leaders in the tech space. Betsy knows how to bring a programming application to life. Chances are, she will be the one spearheading your project.

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